Organizing a Small Pantry

Two facts:

1. My family loves snacks.

2. I have a tiny pantry.

Therefore, I needed to maximize my space.

I removed the bottom shelf to make room for a tupperware drawer unit. Then I labeled the drawers and store pastas, baking mixes, icings, towels and plastic utensils/paper items. The rest of the shelves are for the bigger items that we use daily. The tupperware at the top holds half open sugars and flour. The smaller baskets hold oatmeals, instant grits and cereal bars. I find that if I open those type items they take up less room.

I also decided to use the door for storage, so I used a stick-on hook and one of those shoe holders ($1 at Target) and I use it for random items or things that are running low so that I know to get more. Works great for snacks for my daughter, such as fruit rollups, hot chocolate packets and more.

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