DIY Cups for Mother's Day

Two facts:

1. I want Mother's Day to be extra special this year.

2. I love stickers.

So, this year I decided to decorate colorful Solo Cups (got a TON of them at Sams Club for about $8) with cute foam heart and flower themed stickers (a bucket full from Michael's Crafts with a coupon sets you back about $5). I will be serving mimosas in these at  Mother's Day Brunch that I will be hosting for my immediate and extended family.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms!!!

Valentine Card Holder (or storage for crayons, legos, small toys, etc)

Two facts:

1. Valentine's Day ROCKS.

2. You need something to hold all your valentine cards if you are a school kid!

Of course, my daughter reminds me of these things the night before the big day, and, of course, no shoe box can be found.

So, time for mom to get creative! 

Coffee Can + Duck Tape + Stickers = Coolest Valentine Box in the 4th Grade!!

Also this is a great idea for toys, crayons and other small items! They sell decorative duck tape now, too (hot pink zebra stripes, anyone?) so you can glam it up if you wish! If you have a little girl or boy under the age 14 you know how those little toy Squinkies, Bakogons or Legos can get all over the house - this is the perfect storage bin for them!

Since it was a coffee can and seals to keep food fresh, you could also fancy it up and keep food, sugar or flour in it and use on the counter tops!

Magnetic Fridge Boxes

Two facts:

1. My daughter collects "box tops" for school fundraisers.

2. I could never find all the "box tops" when we needed to turn them in.

Then one day I stumbled across these awesome magnetic boxes for the fridge!

From Walmart for under $5 (two in a packet), these boxes are great for holding box tops, push pins for a bulletin board and any other small item you need to keep track of.

Rubber Band Holder

Two facts:

1. I like to put my hair in a ponytail.

2. I could never find a rubber band when needed.

Therefore, I finally stuck one of these cheap hooks to the back of my bathroom cabinet and now I always know where to find a hair rubber band!

Hello Ponytail!

Fancy Cleaning Gloves

Two facts:

1. I hate cleaning toilets.

2. I love my cleaning gloves.

These happy little gloves make chores more fun! They go half way up my arms so they protect me from chemicals and gross little germs. They are easy to sanitize afterwards and just hang to dry for next time - I keep them on the inside of my cabinet on a stick-on hook with one of those little clips that came on a helium balloon!

These glam gloves can be yours for less than $5 at Walmart.

Happy scrubbing!

Organizing a Small Pantry

Two facts:

1. My family loves snacks.

2. I have a tiny pantry.

Therefore, I needed to maximize my space.

I removed the bottom shelf to make room for a tupperware drawer unit. Then I labeled the drawers and store pastas, baking mixes, icings, towels and plastic utensils/paper items. The rest of the shelves are for the bigger items that we use daily. The tupperware at the top holds half open sugars and flour. The smaller baskets hold oatmeals, instant grits and cereal bars. I find that if I open those type items they take up less room.

I also decided to use the door for storage, so I used a stick-on hook and one of those shoe holders ($1 at Target) and I use it for random items or things that are running low so that I know to get more. Works great for snacks for my daughter, such as fruit rollups, hot chocolate packets and more.

B&W DIY Wreath

Two facts:

1. I love black and white.

2. I love do it yourself projects.

Therefore, this was a fun, inexpensive way to do two things I love!

All items from Michaels Crafts - Make sure you take a coupon- always at least a 40% off item in Sunday paper or on their website:

Wreath - $5.00
Letter - $2.00, already painted white!
Fabric Flowers - Small ones were $1, large were $2. They had all different colors but I went with a b&w theme.

The flowers had clips on them, so I just placed them where I wanted them,  tied the "M" letter to the top with fishing wire and hang on the door!

I decided not to hot glue the flowers so that I can change out the flowers to match the season, such as red poinsettia at Christmas or fun spring colors for Spring.

Use An Armoire As Hideaway Office

Two facts:

1. I have a lot of office supplies (a common Happy Space theme...).

2. I do not have an extra room in my house to use as an office.

Stashing office supplies in the corner of my kitchen was proving to be a clutter zone. For someone who adores any and all office supplies, I needed to find a way to store my stuff, yet make it easily accessible to use. Also, with a daughter in elementary school, it was important to have an easy place for her to get markers, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. as well as a place for me to stack school work and all the "mommy" stuff that comes along with an active and creative daughter.

Thus, my Hideaway Office was born.

I had a big armoire in our family room that used to store our dinosaur of a television. Once we got with the ages and bought a flat screen TV, my armoire was empty and just waiting to have a new purpose.

I went to Target and purchased the ClosetMaid Cubical stackable 9 cube organizer (on sale for around $36.) It was so easy to put together that my 9 year old had it completed within 27 minutes. It comes with all the instructions, screws and pegs. You will just need a screwdriver.

I also perused the dollar section at Target and purchased some thin black baskets that I secured with hooks on the inside of the door that holds pens, pencils, scissors, etc. This works great because the baskets can come off the door when in use and placed back on the door when done.

On the opposite door I used Velcro to attach square cork board (also from Target) to use as a bulletin board for photos, memos, reminders and invitations.

ClosetMaid also makes baskets that fit perfectly for the cubes. I used a few to store papers that need to be filed or shredded. For extra storage I used plastic drawers in various sizes that hold staples, glue, tape and miscellaneous not needed on a daily basis.

Frequently used office supplies are in the bottom middle cube, along with an electric pencil sharpener and a cube for notebook and printer paper.

One day I'd like to add some lightening. There are ways to rig lightening to come on when the doors open. That would make me happy!

School starts back tomorrow after a relaxing summer so I imagine the doors on my Hide-Away Office will be open. But, when not in need, shut the doors and it shall be a neat & hidden happy space!

Make Your Own Mobile Phone Cradle

Two facts:

1. My husband and I both have (and love) our Droid X phones.

2. My phone is always in my sight and has it's own little homemade stand.

If you have a smart phone, you probably have lots of apps and you spend a lot of time looking at them.

I enjoy viewing Facebook, YouTube videos, email, texts and more on my phone. It's a lot easier to do these things while my phone is sitting on it's phone cradle, made by my handy husband.

You will need:
Thin composite board
90 degree bracket
Piece of wood for bottom, serving as a shelf for bottom of phone
Something to cut the board with (he used a miter saw)
Wood glue to attach the bracket and shelf

The amount of board and size of bracket you will need depends on the size of your phone.

I have a cradle by my bed where it sits and charges. I also have a cradle at work where my phone stays docked beside my computer so that I can keep an eye on it should my phone light up, indicating that I have a message. The sides of the phone are free so that you can charge it if needed.

Turn An Old Window Into New Art

Two facts:

1. My husband is a talented artist.

2. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler.

I would have never thought of this idea, however, my husband's creation with an old window turned into a great artsy happy space!

He came across some old windows that had seen better days. While I looked at them and thought it was garbage, with a little Gallery Glass he turned it into a pretty fairy scene that decorates our wall! Gallery Glass can be found at Michael's Crafts or other fine art stores.

Gallery Glass is also great on windows if you want to keep your privacy but still let in light, for instance, at a front door with windows on each side. Rather than curtains, use Gallery Glass!

More about Gallery Glass
Anyone can create the elegant beauty of classic stained glass easily and inexpensively with decorating favorite, Gallery Glass®. One amazingly easy technique--simply outline and paint--is used to create any Gallery Glass project, from show-stopping windows for the home, gorgeous glass art accents and window clings for kids, seasonal and whimsical décor. The program's two key elements are simulated leading and Window Color. Liquid Leading and/or pre-cut Redi-Lead are used to outline designs. Once cured, leaded designs are filled in with beautiful hues of Window Color, available in shades to complement any décor, any project. Window Color can even be applied vertically, to windows in place. When it's time to for a room re-do, Window Color designs can be removed and updated for a fresh new look.

Stuffed Animals Galore!

Two facts:

1. My daughter LOVES stuffed animals (and so do I!)

2. I may need a bigger home soon to store them all.

But, before I go getting another home so the animals can have their own room, we currently have them in several happy spaces.

The book shelves and the hanging mesh baskets are probably the most common ways stuffed animals are stored (at least the ones that don't get the primary residence in the bed (my daughter has, at last count, eighteen of them in bed with her).

The mesh baskets store the stuffed animals that are more special....either they are older (inherited from Mom) or special collectibles that we don't really take out and play with.

The bookshelf animals are ready to play with at any moment and get thrown back up there when we are done. She can enjoy looking at them rather than tripping over them.

Then started the Webkinz/Beanie Baby/Big Eyes collections and my daughter wanted a place to keep them where they could be seen easily. Thus, the clear shoe holder was reincarnated into a tiny stuffed animal showcase. We threw it over her closet door and they look cute hanging out in their own cubbies!

Note: I also use a shoe holder like this inbetween the shower curtain and liner to store shampoos, conditioners, etc!

Label Makers

Two facts:

1. Labels make life easier to find things.

2. Pink labels make life more fun.

I use my label maker for everything, at home or at work.

At home labels are great for baskets and bins that store anything from kitchen items to toys in my daughter's room. At work I use labels for folders & reminders.

My label maker is a P-Touch brand and runs off of two AA batteries. The label cartridge comes in many colors and widths.

Stick your labels to beautifully designed folders and it will make you smile!

Best Wallet EVER

Two facts:

1. I hate a messy wallet.

2. I have a loyalty card to at least 28 different stores.

I used to carry loyalty cards on those little key fobs, until my key chain was so big I almost ruined my car's key ignition.

So, I moved to the full size loyalty cards, the size of  a credit card, but trying to find the correct one while standing in the cashier's line was a nightmare. I needed a way to organize them all.

Then, while shopping at a little botique called, The Cubby Hole in Charlotte, NC, I stumbled across the Card Cubby!

This tiny wallet was the answer to my wallet organization prayers!

The alphabetized cards allow me to put my loyalty cards, copons, and even receopts in alpha order so that I can find them easily.

The size of the wallet is perfect and holds a lot!

The plastic sleeve on the outside of the wallet houses a photo of my daughter, my driver license and my debit card for easy access.

There is even a zippered part inside for loose change.

Here is more info on the Card Cubby website:

Card Cubby® is a stylish, alphabetized mini-card file that fits right into your purse, briefcase, baby bag or car console!
The Card Cubby® measures 5" wide by 3" high and 2" deep!
NEW- Card Cubby now has an inside zipper for money and change!
Use your Cubby to Alphabetically File:
  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons (Fold and File)
  • Frequent Buyer Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Player Cards
  • Important Contact Info
  • Insurance Cards
  • And on and on...
Room for most cell phones, iPods and small cameras!

Put your Drivers License in the clear pocket, some cash and credit cards inside and use as a wallet!

Organize Earrings With Ice Trays

Two facts:

1. Earrings are easy to collect but not easy to keep together.

2. Earring backs are never there when you need them.

My easy solution to keeping earrings in their pairs, plus always having spare earring backs??

Ice cube trays!

Target always has great organizing tools in the $1 section in the front of the store, including these cute little plastic heart trays around the Valentine's season!

I purchased six of these trays and sorted one pair of earrings per heart. I also combined earrings by color, size, style, etc, per tray. I also left one heart dedicated to spare earring backs so I always know where I can grab an extra one!

Ever lose an earring back while away from home? Break off a pencil eraser! It works great!

Happy Office Space

Two facts:

1. I spend a lot of my days sitting at a desk.

2. I want to look at pretty things.

I needed an office makeover so I headed to Target and got just a few items that make my office space a happy space.

The black and white lamp was around $15.00 and served as the main item I built my color scheme around.

I also found the two b&w banker boxes and use them as accent pieces while also storing paperwork that I used to have stacked on my desk.

Notice the digital frame in the corner. I have it cycle through all of my favorite seasonal photos so that I can reflect on the fun I have when I am not at work. It also saves on desk space so not to have too many frames that take up space.

The pillow is just pretty and I had to have it.

Notice the little shoe on my desk. This is cute but serves as a wonderful clip holder. It was originally meant for rings, but since I spend more time at work than at home, I wanted to find a use for it on my desk. It has proven to be a great conversation piece, as well.

My wall was bland and I wanted to pull in more b&w items, so a few wall shelves and shadow boxes with items that make me happy enhance the wall and make it more fun and vibrant.

Another conversation piece is the vinyl sticker set. I found these at Target and they simply stick to the wall. They look like paintings but are ideal for folks like me who aren't artistic with a paint brush. They also remove very easily (but wouldn't be reusable after they came down).

Pretty and functional. Love it!

Pegboard Jewelry Wall

Two facts:

1. I'm a woman.

2. I have a lot of jewelry.

Necklaces, bracelets, name it.

While my jewelry isn't expensive and require a safe, it does take up a lot of space. After a while my necklaces started to get jumbled in my jewelry box. I wasn't able to see them all and I forgot I owned some really cool pieces because they were behind other cool pieces.

Thus, my Pegboard Jewelry Wall was born and now hangs in plain view in my closet.

What you will need:
Peg Board (Lowes and Home Depot carries pegboard inexpensive and in white.)
Drawer Pull Knobs (I bought 80 of them on clearance at Ikea!)
Screw Driver
Husband/Strong Man (Optional for those occasional hard to screw in knobs, and to hang on the wall if you aren't good at that sort of thing, like me.)