Stuffed Animals Galore!

Two facts:

1. My daughter LOVES stuffed animals (and so do I!)

2. I may need a bigger home soon to store them all.

But, before I go getting another home so the animals can have their own room, we currently have them in several happy spaces.

The book shelves and the hanging mesh baskets are probably the most common ways stuffed animals are stored (at least the ones that don't get the primary residence in the bed (my daughter has, at last count, eighteen of them in bed with her).

The mesh baskets store the stuffed animals that are more special....either they are older (inherited from Mom) or special collectibles that we don't really take out and play with.

The bookshelf animals are ready to play with at any moment and get thrown back up there when we are done. She can enjoy looking at them rather than tripping over them.

Then started the Webkinz/Beanie Baby/Big Eyes collections and my daughter wanted a place to keep them where they could be seen easily. Thus, the clear shoe holder was reincarnated into a tiny stuffed animal showcase. We threw it over her closet door and they look cute hanging out in their own cubbies!

Note: I also use a shoe holder like this inbetween the shower curtain and liner to store shampoos, conditioners, etc!


Anonymous said...

My gosh thats a lot of stuffed animals. We have a plastic bin we throw my son's animals in, but I like these cause you can see them all.

Mommyto4 said...

Where did you get the one hanging?

Karen's Happy Space said...

Hello Mommyto4,

The hanging baskets came from a store once in Charlotte called Space Savers, however, they have since gone out of business. I've also recently seen similar baskets at Ikea and The Container Store. Shop and ship from the web at