Valentine Card Holder (or storage for crayons, legos, small toys, etc)

Two facts:

1. Valentine's Day ROCKS.

2. You need something to hold all your valentine cards if you are a school kid!

Of course, my daughter reminds me of these things the night before the big day, and, of course, no shoe box can be found.

So, time for mom to get creative! 

Coffee Can + Duck Tape + Stickers = Coolest Valentine Box in the 4th Grade!!

Also this is a great idea for toys, crayons and other small items! They sell decorative duck tape now, too (hot pink zebra stripes, anyone?) so you can glam it up if you wish! If you have a little girl or boy under the age 14 you know how those little toy Squinkies, Bakogons or Legos can get all over the house - this is the perfect storage bin for them!

Since it was a coffee can and seals to keep food fresh, you could also fancy it up and keep food, sugar or flour in it and use on the counter tops!


Becky Dustin said...

Love the holder, but please...tell me about the pennies. Is that your counter?! I want to do my bathroom floor with those, but hubby thinks it won't work. Spill the deets...

Becky (visiting from Type1parents0

Happy Space said...

Yes! That is our kitchen was white and boring so the hubby covered it in pennies and coverd it with a bar type shine of some sort. He has since made penny rings and necklaces!