Use An Armoire As Hideaway Office

Two facts:

1. I have a lot of office supplies (a common Happy Space theme...).

2. I do not have an extra room in my house to use as an office.

Stashing office supplies in the corner of my kitchen was proving to be a clutter zone. For someone who adores any and all office supplies, I needed to find a way to store my stuff, yet make it easily accessible to use. Also, with a daughter in elementary school, it was important to have an easy place for her to get markers, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. as well as a place for me to stack school work and all the "mommy" stuff that comes along with an active and creative daughter.

Thus, my Hideaway Office was born.

I had a big armoire in our family room that used to store our dinosaur of a television. Once we got with the ages and bought a flat screen TV, my armoire was empty and just waiting to have a new purpose.

I went to Target and purchased the ClosetMaid Cubical stackable 9 cube organizer (on sale for around $36.) It was so easy to put together that my 9 year old had it completed within 27 minutes. It comes with all the instructions, screws and pegs. You will just need a screwdriver.

I also perused the dollar section at Target and purchased some thin black baskets that I secured with hooks on the inside of the door that holds pens, pencils, scissors, etc. This works great because the baskets can come off the door when in use and placed back on the door when done.

On the opposite door I used Velcro to attach square cork board (also from Target) to use as a bulletin board for photos, memos, reminders and invitations.

ClosetMaid also makes baskets that fit perfectly for the cubes. I used a few to store papers that need to be filed or shredded. For extra storage I used plastic drawers in various sizes that hold staples, glue, tape and miscellaneous not needed on a daily basis.

Frequently used office supplies are in the bottom middle cube, along with an electric pencil sharpener and a cube for notebook and printer paper.

One day I'd like to add some lightening. There are ways to rig lightening to come on when the doors open. That would make me happy!

School starts back tomorrow after a relaxing summer so I imagine the doors on my Hide-Away Office will be open. But, when not in need, shut the doors and it shall be a neat & hidden happy space!

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