Happy Office Space

Two facts:

1. I spend a lot of my days sitting at a desk.

2. I want to look at pretty things.

I needed an office makeover so I headed to Target and got just a few items that make my office space a happy space.

The black and white lamp was around $15.00 and served as the main item I built my color scheme around.

I also found the two b&w banker boxes and use them as accent pieces while also storing paperwork that I used to have stacked on my desk.

Notice the digital frame in the corner. I have it cycle through all of my favorite seasonal photos so that I can reflect on the fun I have when I am not at work. It also saves on desk space so not to have too many frames that take up space.

The pillow is just pretty and I had to have it.

Notice the little shoe on my desk. This is cute but serves as a wonderful clip holder. It was originally meant for rings, but since I spend more time at work than at home, I wanted to find a use for it on my desk. It has proven to be a great conversation piece, as well.

My wall was bland and I wanted to pull in more b&w items, so a few wall shelves and shadow boxes with items that make me happy enhance the wall and make it more fun and vibrant.

Another conversation piece is the vinyl sticker set. I found these at Target and they simply stick to the wall. They look like paintings but are ideal for folks like me who aren't artistic with a paint brush. They also remove very easily (but wouldn't be reusable after they came down).

Pretty and functional. Love it!


Julia said...

Very pretty, Where did you get the shadow boxes?

Karen's Happy Space said...

Thank you, Julia! The black shadow boxes and the black shelf units came from Target, as did the lamp and banker boxes. I have seen similar shelfs/shadow boxes at Kohls and Bed, Bath & Beyond (they always send coupons, too!).