Best Wallet EVER

Two facts:

1. I hate a messy wallet.

2. I have a loyalty card to at least 28 different stores.

I used to carry loyalty cards on those little key fobs, until my key chain was so big I almost ruined my car's key ignition.

So, I moved to the full size loyalty cards, the size of  a credit card, but trying to find the correct one while standing in the cashier's line was a nightmare. I needed a way to organize them all.

Then, while shopping at a little botique called, The Cubby Hole in Charlotte, NC, I stumbled across the Card Cubby!

This tiny wallet was the answer to my wallet organization prayers!

The alphabetized cards allow me to put my loyalty cards, copons, and even receopts in alpha order so that I can find them easily.

The size of the wallet is perfect and holds a lot!

The plastic sleeve on the outside of the wallet houses a photo of my daughter, my driver license and my debit card for easy access.

There is even a zippered part inside for loose change.

Here is more info on the Card Cubby website:

Card Cubby® is a stylish, alphabetized mini-card file that fits right into your purse, briefcase, baby bag or car console!
The Card Cubby® measures 5" wide by 3" high and 2" deep!
NEW- Card Cubby now has an inside zipper for money and change!
Use your Cubby to Alphabetically File:
  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons (Fold and File)
  • Frequent Buyer Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Player Cards
  • Important Contact Info
  • Insurance Cards
  • And on and on...
Room for most cell phones, iPods and small cameras!

Put your Drivers License in the clear pocket, some cash and credit cards inside and use as a wallet!


AllycatGal said...

I have the one in black and I love it. I use mine for grocery coupons and sort in alphabetical order instead of by isle section.

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law had one and I fell in love with it so she gave me one for my birthday. I have a red one for coupons and the larger one in black as a wallet. I like your ideas. Thank you.

April said...

Oooh... I am buying one for me and a few for Christmas gifts!! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

OMG, I have the same problem! I had no idea about the card cubby, I am going to buy one! Thanks for the tip and blog, LOVE IT!